Become a NAUI Dive Center

Open a NAUI Pro Facility or Dream Resort

Enjoy the benefits and satisfaction of owning your business or resort operation as a member of NAUI Worldwide.

  • Find business success as an explorer... a teacher.... a mentor
  • Share your passion with others
  • Live the lifestyle you want, on your terms

As the owner of a successful NAUI Pro Facility or NAUI Dream Resort, you will experience the thrill of introducing your clients and customers to their next adventure and to guide them to new opportunities for their own discoveries in the world beneath the surface.

Starting a business is serious work, but you do not need to go it alone. When you become a NAUI Pro Facility or Dream Resort, you gain access to our Total Business Solutions©, an exclusive package of business benefits designed to help you grow your business. To learn more, please contact a NAUI Representative in your area to learn more about the Total Business Solutions programs available in your region.

Image for Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success

In the meanwhile, if your goal is to achieve independence as an entrepreneur, there are a few steps you can take to help you prepare for success as a owner of a NAUI Pro Facility or Dream Resort.

  • If you have not already done so, gain the experience necessary and complete your training to become a NAUI Leader or Instructor.
  • Get copies of the NAUI Dive Business Today, our quarterly business magazine filled with information and tips for marketing, teaching, planning and more.
  • Check with your local Small Business Administration or local colleges for free information and free programs to assist local entrepreneurs